This is Me Proclamation

What is, This is Me?

Switchback Chics wants to acknowledge real women who not only adventure but are honest about their own lives to help other women embrace their differences & get out of their comfort zones.  We recognize the need for encouragement in order for women to find their true north, instead of following in others footsteps.   Social Media shows us the glossy "highlight reel" of others lives.   It's made women compete for "likes" instead of allowing us to embrace each other for being unique or celebrating the challenges we have overcome to achieve our goals.     

Our goal is to change that one post and one woman at a time.   We want to share the true you.   Your struggles, your fears, your passions...what makes you, you.  In every goal we set, we all encounter switchbacks. One foot forward, two feet back, another to the left and maybe a few to the right.  A Switchback Chic doesn't give up.  She continues onward and upward until she reaches her end goal.        

So, we want to know, what makes you a Switchback Chic?     Message us to be featured in our "This is Me" Proclamation.  Please include your Instagram and/or Facebook handles and include photos that you would like us to use should we re-post your proclamation.

*Please note that by submitting your "This is Me" proclamation, you are providing Switchback Chics and Switchback Chics Employees the rights to utilize your name, social media handles, photos and message at any given time. 

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Switchback Chics

 "Growth is not a steady, forward, upward progression. It is indeed a switchback trail: three steps forward, two back, one around the bushes and a few simply standing, before another forward leap."  -Dorothy Corkville Briggs