The Pink Hat Hiker

Hello Switchback Chics, I'm Micha!  I have loved the outdoors from a very  early age and want to instill a love of nature in my 3 children. In my spare time when I'm not hiking, I enjoy crocheting, comics, Nintendo, Disneyland and anything to do with  music or theatre.  My blog, Pink Hat Hiker,  contains all kinds of outdoor info and I am excited to be blogging for  Switchback Chics now too!  Although I am a SoCal native, my favorite trails are in Northern AZ and I am hoping to check off Rim 2 Rim in 2018!  My hiking must haves include trekking poles, PROBARS and my doTERRA oils along with the 10 Essentials.  

Hike safe, and see you on the trails! 

Have a question or comment for Micha? Interested in seeing her review a trail or write about a certain topic? Contact her below and she will be in touch!