Be Who You Are, Not Who The World Wants You To Be.

Our mission is to unite, encourage & promote women to be unique, adventure often, pursue passions and seek their true north.

About Switchback Chics

Who We Are

Switchback Chics is an organization created to connect women who fuel their lives with adventure & passion and who strive to create change by sharing their truths.

We accept all that choose to challenge,  inspire and support each others ideas, visions, businesses & adventures.  We acknowledge each others struggles and push one another to get out of comfort zones in order to find one's true north no matter how many switchbacks are encountered.   

Switchback Chics is dedicated to encouraging all women to continuously set new goals, accomplish new feats and challenging one another to push boundaries in order to reach their goals.   

We value each others uniqueness and know that together, we are stronger.    

We challenge you to be you, and to find YOUR true north.

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